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How do unions help working families?

Through unions, workers win better wages, benefits and a voice on the job. Good union jobs mean a better quality of life and stronger communities. Union workers’ median weekly earnings are 27% higher than non-union workers. Three-quarters (75%) of union workers get health benefits, while just 49% of non-union workers get health benefits. What’s more, 69% of union workers enjoy guaranteed retirement benefits, while just 14% of non-union workers have such benefits.

Unions also actively seek to improve the standard of living for all workers. Unions led the fight to end child labor, establish the eight-hour day, and legislate job safety requirements. Unions were also a major force in the creation of Social Security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, and the minimum wage protections. Today’s unions have engaged in vigorous campaigns for expanded family and medical leave, improved safety and health protections, overtime pay protections, and fair-trade agreements.

We at LIFE Union have made a lifelong commitment to helping people improve the quality of their lives through collective bargaining and protecting the rights of our members.

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